(This will only fully make sense to those of you who have already read "The Children of the Law of One, and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis".)

[Note from Jon to our readers and supporters: First, let me warn you, this is a long letter, so better brew a few cups of tea, put out the cat, and grab a comfortable seat! Next, this is a first draft, I havenít taken the time to proof read, have it proof read, edited, or even done a spell or grammar check Ė so please excuse mistakes. OK, down to business. We have had "problems" with the governing hierarchy and headquarters "establishment" of the ARE (the Association for Research and Enlightenment Ė founded by Edgar Cayce). Problems include: 1) A total lack of response to correspondence and calls from me & others of our order, thus I am writing this open letter to them, in hopes of getting a response Ė positive response; 2) Refusal to sell us their mailing list (which they normally do sell), so we can reach ARE members with a flyer about our book/teachings; 3) A negative illegitimate "review" of the "Lost Teachings"; 4) A possible "sabotage" of our purchasing land for a new monastery (Someone was going to sell us the land, but then changed their mind after allegedly speaking to one or more Cayce family descendants Ė at least thatís what they told us).

I put quotation marks around the word "review" because it isnít really a review in my opinion (and in the opinion of many others including all ARE members weíve heard from, who had already read the "Lost Teachings" first, and then read the "review"). It doesnít conform in any way to the standards of any book review Iíve ever seen, including the reviews normally found in their magazine ("Venture Inward"). In my opinion, it was a contrived illegitimate attack written under the pretense of being a review, with the sole objective being to prevent ARE members from reading the book, and prejudicially poisoning the minds of those few who might just read it after reading the "review". I believe the reason this was done, is because of the issue some or all at the ARE have regarding anyone with the name "John Peniel" (or in my case Jon). Why would they do such a thing? Oddly enough, I believe they consider the teachings and I a threat.

Anyone who has read and loved the Cayce readings, knows that while the readings really "ring the inner bells of truth", they are also often "nebulous" and difficult to clearly understand, often leaving the reader with no option but to try and intuitively get a grasp of its meaning. The Cayce reading about Peniel is quite nebulous in many places, thus you should read and interpret it yourself (reading 3976-15 Ė excerpts about Peniel can be found elsewhere on this site). But there are some rather clear parts too. In it, Cayce says J. Peniel will be a messenger who will "make plain" spiritual messages/teachings that have come before (possibly inferring Cayceís spiritual messages), so they can be unmistakably "understood by the hearts and minds of all those who sought spirituality and God". He also says that this spiritual messenger (Peniel) would be bringing "the new order of things" to the world. Not a minor event, eh? Cayce seems to infer that the spiritual teachings of Cayceís readings, or other similar teachings, would be superseded by those of a J. Peniel - not that it would invalidate Cayceís message in any way, but that it would bring people to the next step. That "next step" issue is where an ARE "business" whose leaders have drifted off their spiritual path, are likely to fear the "showing up" of any J. Peniel, and consider he, and his messages, to be a threat to them.

What might the impact of a Penielís arrival have on the ARE, and on sales of Cayce books and readings? I, and many ARE members, feel that our teachings enhance and clarify Cayce material, while also bringing something new. You donít have to diminish the importance, truth, and relevance of the old, in order to embrace something new, or take the next step. The old in fact, are vital stepping stones that without which, you could never get to the new stepping stones on your path. Yet it is easy to see how a power hungry, greedy, group of selfish people, could be worried about their business becoming obsolete, or at least suffering to some degree, if J. Peniel makes his entrance. I suppose it could affect the AREís control over its members, and adversely impact "business". If fact, they apparently do have some reason to worry, because we have heard from at least one ARE Cayce study group who after reading the "Lost Teachings" said, "You can leave all the Cayce books behind Ė this is it!". But is business, money making and control over people what the ARE is supposed to be all about?

So while the ARE seems to have a negative attitude towards me and the book, according to the readings themselves, Cayce looked upon Peniel, and the changes/messages heíd bring, VERY favorably. Cayce clearly considered it "good news" and a very important event, coming at a very critical time. Weíve also heard from many other ARE members complaining about their review of our book, and their lack of cooperation with us. In fact, the AREís negative reaction, negative review, and lack of cooperation with us could be hurting them, and thus creating a "self-fulfilling prophecy" that didnít need to happen. I will comment more on that in my "Commentary on the Cayce reading about John Peniel".

Has the ARE has lost its way from what Cayce, and God, intended it to be, an Association for Research and Enlightenment? In my opinion, the ARE has become more "religion-like", and more of a business and bureaucracy, than a spiritual organization promoting enlightenment. And those worldly things are now more important to them than the spiritual welfare of its members. Again, religions often start after the death of a being who spiritually inspired people with spiritual truths. Then the deification of that being, a dogma, and a hierarchical power structure of individuals with their own agendas set it. That is why the spiritual leaders of the Children of the Law of One pass on leadership only to chosen, humble, enlightened successors. Unfortunately, that is not the way of the ARE. In my opinion, its original purpose and goal is sidetracked and overshadowed, because of it becoming a "business", and because control of it is in the hands of those who make their selfish self-interests their priority. They are afraid of what they will lose should their members find some other spiritual material (as, or more, important as Cayceís), or teacher, that could jeopardize their positions in any way. I believe that they have become so afraid of that, and paranoid about any potential "arrival" of a J. Peniel, that they would refuse to recognize him if he bit them in the face. Thus, because of my name, their fear that I may be "the" Peniel Cayce predicted and that Iíve brought the message/teachings some have been awaiting, they are blind to me, to the teachings, and just want to make it all go away. And especially keep any of it from their members. I think their reaction to the potential arrival and message of a J. Peniel, is similar to the reactions some churches and ministers (who claim to be Christians, but really arenít) would have to the second coming of Jesus. If it, and His teachings, presented a threat to their dogma, power, positions of authority, or money, they would try and "cover up", discredit, and if necessary, denounce Jesus as an evil impostor, a "false prophet", or even as an anti-christ, if it would preserve their status quo. And Jesus would be saying things about them and their "churches" and "ministries" like I am saying to the ARE now. But getting back to the ARE, if things were on the "up and up" spiritually with their leadership, several things would have been different with how they have dealt with me, the book & the teachings. 1) They would have spiritually recognized the truths in the book with their "inner voice" (discussed later); 2) They would be looking for and eagerly awaiting the arrival & message of Peniel, and "checking out" possible candidates, rather than doing everything possible to avoid it. 3) If they had legitimate concerns about a "false Peniel" misleading people, they should openly give their membership their reasons for their condemnation, not making sneaky attacks on an authorís name in a contrived "review", while not even saying why they have an issue with the name, nor mentioning that the authorís name is associated with a significant Cayce reading. There have been "false Peniels" who layed claim to being the one mentioned in the readings before, but one thing they had in common was they all "claimed" to be him, but did not fulfill the conditions of the prophecy. The ARE also knows I am not like them for a couple of reasons: a) I didnít claim to be the Peniel Cayce predicted. I wasnít even aware of the Cayce prophecy at the time of publishing, and that is born out by the fact that I tried very hard to publish the book anonymously (which I have told them, and told them I had proof of), and was eventually told the book would not be carried if I didnít include my name. It was even submitting first for anonymous publication with the ARE press. If I were "attempting" to "claim" to be the Cayce Peniel for some selfish reasons of my own, like fame, a following, control, or such, why would I want to remain anonymous? and b) The teachings themselves. Spiritually sensitive people who listen to their Inner voice or intuition, know they are true, and the answer to all their questions about life, God, spirituality, and what they need to do now and for the future. If the ARE hierarchy wasnít so self-centered and threatened, they would have the same response. Their own members have told us they believe I am the Jon Peniel they have been waiting for, and that the book is the message (weíve also heard similar things from other book readers around the world, especially Israel for some reason).

Yet the ARE still apparently consider me and the teachings to be a threat, and have used the media to discredit us, and thus far (3 years) have refused to communicate or cooperate with us. I donít care one way or the other if Iím the one Cayce predicted, the teachings and the effect they can have are whatís important. Also, ARE members are a very small part of our bookís readership, so what would be the point of claiming to be some character Cayce predicted in one relatively obscure reading? But itís obviously a big "burr" under the ARE bosses "saddles" anyway.

Another thing Iíd like to make clear is that I am incapable of being personally offended. Such things are of the self, not the spirit, and I have long ago said goodbye to that path, in favor of being a fool for God, and following Godís will. Thus, the insults to the author that were in the "review" are personally irrelevant to me, but I take it very seriously because they attempt to use discrediting me as a means to destroy the credibility of the teachings themselves, teachings that can help millions. I have no tolerance for the "spiritual low-lives" that would do such a thing to humankind. Thatís when it becomes personal to me.

The purpose of this letter & information (and excerpts from the AREís magazine "Venture Inward", which contain comments the "reviewer" made, along with my commentary on his comments), is not to harm the ARE in any way. So please donít do anything that would cause harm to them in any way. But if when you read it, you find you agree with me that something is wrong and some or all of the ARE hierarchy/governing body "have it out for us", please call, write, and/or email them with your own opinion. Also write directly to "Venture Inward" and ask them to publish your letter. My main goal is that those who might be helped by the teachings, (which would especially include ARE members), should have an opportunity to hear about them, and read them if they want to. Rather than attempting to censor books and keep information about the reading about J. Peniel from their members, they should be giving their members unprejudiced free will choices in what they read, and notifying them whenever any and all possibilities regarding Cayceís prophecies come to their attention. Let the people decide. They should be telling their membership that our book is authored by a "Jon Peniel" and that Cayce made predictions about a J. Peniel bringing an important message in the future. It should be made known to ALL ARE members, and those on the ARE bookstore mailing list. Members should have the right to decide the issue for themselves. They should also have the right to decide if the teachings are very spiritually significant, and something they have been looking for, regardless of the Peniel issue. They should also have the right to decide the value of the teachings for themselves, without some illegitimate "review" poisoning their minds against it before they even open to page 1.

So what I would like to see happen? 1) An announcement by the ARE mailed to ALL members, and to their bookstore buyers mailing list, that there is a book of spiritual teachings that is authored by a man whoís name happens to be very similar to a messenger Cayce predicted would come in the future with an important message for the world. It should include that one reading, so people can read it, and make their own determinations. And if they really want to be honest and forthcoming with their members, it should mention that since Cayce was speaking the name "John", and that he did not spell it, the spelling is irrelevant. Obviously, the ARE canít say I am "that" Peniel (even though members have), but they certainly shouldnít say Iím not, either Ė let the members decide individually after they read the book! 2) If they donít want to do that themselves, at least let us buy the mailing lists (at the normal price), and give us permission to reproduce the reading, so we can do it ourselves. 3) A retraction and apology in the magazine for that absurd impostor of a "review", and do a new, legitimate book review (perhaps using the "too positive" one they rejected by one of their own employees). Of course, I would also like to see them embrace us, our projects, and help us in any way they can. But based on their actions so far, I doubt that we can even accomplish the above little goals, let alone actually have them do a "turn about" and support our work as brothers and sisters with the same goals and cause. But we can try! Our arms have always been open to them in the spirit of brother/sisterhood, and maybe one day they will change, return to the path of following the will of the Universal Spirit, and reciprocate.

Contact information for the ARE will be at the end of this page.

Speaking of that spelling flaw while translating the readings, let me mention that also there are many times when Cayce spoke the words "he", or "his" without spelling it or saying to capitalize the words, yet the words got capitalized by his secretary anyway. This is serious, because it can really change the meaning and connotation of a reading. A capital "H" means Cayce is referring to God/Jesus, yet because of the nature of the readings, it isnít always clear that Cayce was indeed referring to God. Sometimes he was, but sometimes he may not have been. The secretary made her own assumptions. Those assumptions unfortunately, are not always sub-noted in the readings, so people assume it is true as printed. The readings are often viewed as "gospel" by some Cayce devotees, yet that capitalization, or lack of it, can completely change the intent and meaning. I give a good example of this in my commentary on the excerpts from the Cayce reading about John Peniel, which is linked to below.

Thank you for your help.

May you be consciously with the Universal Spirit,




Links to segments on this page: 1) Excerpts and comments about Venture Inwardís review of "The Lost Teachings"; 2) My letter "chastising" those of the ARE governing hierarchy involved with the "review" and other actions; 3) A detailed discourse by me regarding their obsession with their "John Peniel Issue".

Links to related segments on another page: 4) Excerpts from the Cayce reading about J. Peniel; 5) My commentary on the excerpts from the Cayce reading about John Peniel.



[Jonís Note: The below was written for the ARE governing body hierarchy, and magazine, and sent to them. It was not intended for the general public, so it is worded accordingly. Because of this, there may be some redundancy with my note above.]

Below are just a few "highlights" of the "review" given us by the AREís magazine, "Venture Inward". I put quotation marks around the word "review" and "reviewer" to emphasize my opinion that it was not a legitimate review, nor an unbiased reviewer. Sentences from the actual "review" are bolded, and my comments are not. But before I start, let me say that regardless of who the "reviewer" was, or what his agenda was, this "review" was either submitted to, or solicited by, the editor of Venture Inward, read by the editor, and published by the editor. So the ultimate responsibility and blame for this atrocious injustice is his (and anyone who may have urged him to do this). But doesnít he answer to the ARE? If not, why not? Who owns the magazine?

After you read the "review" excerpts, and my commentaries, below it you will find a fake "sample" review of a Cayce book. I wrote it to demonstrate how this same reviewer would likely have reviewed Cayce if he had the same kind of thinking, and agenda, that he applied to our book. It helps to make my point about how absurdly illegitimacy the "review" of our book was, and how it indicated the ARE magazine, editor, and "reviewer", seemed to have a clear agenda.

The "review" begins with:

"First the bad news: This book is overwritten Ė caused largely by the authorís reassembling a wagon train of conversations, mainly with his monastic teacher. A simple narrative would have cut down the clutter."

The "reviewer" also cites the number of pages (400) as proof of it being too long. I donít know when literary rules of book length became "book law", but apparently he does? I guess heíd want to see books like the Bible, "War & Peace", etc., edited down to an "appropriate" size.

Next the "reviewer" goes on to say: "Despite using an autobiographical context to get his message across, he circles the wagons and reveals only the scantiest personal background. We learn that he was an unhappy youngster, an atheist at 13, a school dropout at 16, Ö"

So there are too many pages, due to presenting the teachings by recounting conversations with teachers, but itís not long enough when it comes to giving irrelevant childhood details? Strange. The book is not a bio.

Next, he goes on to say about my journeyÖ "and somehow ended up in a Ďpre-Buddhistí monastery somewhere in Tibet that traced its origin to Atlantis. How did he end up at a Tibetan cloister? Youíll have to guess. Mundane facts are scarce."

Thatís true, mundane facts are scarce Ė Why? Because they are mundane Ė not only would mundane facts be boring, they are irrelevant to the teachings and the goal of communicating them to readers.

Notice that the "reviewer" put "pre-Buddhist" monastery in quotes. Use of quotes in that way is a well-known writing technique of making the quoted words questionable - clearly having the effect of casting doubt regarding its truth. And that clearly, yet subtly, undermines the validity of the entire story, the integrity of the author, and thus the validity of the teachings themselves.

Next, he says "The monastery was destroyed, he mentions vaguely, then moves on."

It is not mentioned vaguely in the least. The horrible details were given. Again, a negative innuendo for the purpose ofÖ?

Next he says, "This bump-and-run style and dearth of detail at appropriate points triggers a peek-a-boo effect."

Huh? I donít even understand what thatís supposed to mean, but obviously the intent is derogatory. Peek-a-boo.

Next he says, "Scan the front cover and title page for the authorís name in vain. (Itís on the bookís spine.)"

The "reviewer" infers that my name not being on the cover, yet being on the spine, is somehow suspicious, or an indication of it being a bad book?

After admitting the name was on the spine, the "reviewer" goes on regarding the cover/spine name issue, making a totally nonsensical comment about it: "His explanation: ĎThis book was written only for those who are primarily interested in spiritual growth. Thus, the only parts of Ďmy storyí it contains are those that others might spiritually benefit from reading about.í

What would that have to do with the authorís name being on the spine and not on the cover? Also, the statement I made that the "reviewer" misquoted as my "explanation" for why my name wasnít on the front cover, is a lie. It wasnít made as an explanation for the positioning of the authorís name on the cover at all. It was an independent statement that says exactly what it sounds like Ė that while many people want to hear all kinds of irrelevant details about my life, my travels, and ALL my experiences at the monastery (including whether we had "Atlantean" toilets or outhouses), Iím not putting irrelevant parts of "my story" in the book. I may write a biography someday (that helps people understand other aspects of a spiritual life of a teacher). But the people who are reading this book are reading it because they are truly interested in spiritual growth, and they are getting all the parts of "my story" that are necessary to conveying the relevant teachings for that. Combining it with the story of my life would make it absurdly long, for no good reason. I also point out in the book that it isnít a biography, a history book, an archeological or exploration log, or anything else. I also point out that itís just a book of our spiritual teachings with the necessary elements to let people get the whole picture of the teachings, in an easy to read and understand manner. Thus, this part of the "review" was just one more negative innuendo, on top of being an out of context fabrication. Also, no explanation for cover design is needed for any book unless it is something that children shouldnít see in public. Iíve never heard of such a thing mentioned in a real book review. But just as a side note anyway, the original cover art had "the authorís name", and a lot of other wording, but the publisherís rep recommended taking as much off as possible to make it more attractive and sellable. Plus the rep cited statistics that the front cover artís job is to just "grab" attention, and get someone to pick the book up - then people turn it over, and spend far more time reading the back cover. My name does appear on the back cover also, just for his information. This is what Venture Inward and the ARE call a book review?

Next he says, "His name is attached to the book, he adds, only because certain distributors and stores wouldnít carry it without it. What? Donít they use pseudonyms anymore?"

Again, a book review? And why should I use a pseudonym? There is a big difference in publishing anonymously, and just using a fake name of a fictitious person that everyone believes wrote the book.

A final sneaky twisted jab ironically occurs amidst a seemingly positive sentence, "Ö not asking too much to consider what the author - whoever he is - has to reportÖ". (Emphasis added).

Whoever he is? Why is the "reviewer" saying that, when the author is identified on the book. He gives absolutely no reason for doubting what the authorís name is, but yet he makes that statement with absolutely no explanation as to why. Of course, we know why Ė the J. Peniel issue obsession again. And while they want to discredit it, they donít want to call direct attention to it, because they donít want members who havenít read the Cayce reading and donít know about "the name", to discover it, and then want to read the book.

While Iím dealing with that comment, I should mention another weird snide remark made by the "reviewer" (whoever he is). The remark is once again "clothed" in apparent compliment, yet nonetheless a jab at the authorís integrity and the truths in the book. The sentence goes on to say, "Öwhat the author Ė whoever he is Ė has to report, regardless of whether he gleaned this information from Tibet or Timbuktu".

Iím not a reporter. And again like I say in the beginning of the book, it isnít an archeological study or a National Geographic journalistic report of any kind, itís just the presentations of our ancient teachings with only the necessary background. Also, in the book, my writing style is not that of a reporter, I donít "report" anything, I am simply a monk/teacher, presenting our teachings.

I also didnít "glean" anything, I learned, studied, sacrificed and practiced.

And saying "Tibet or Timbuktu", again throws in a sneaky "dig", a challenge and suspicion into the works. He is underhandedly using a cloaked statement to manipulate the reader into questioning the legitimacy of my statements about where I said I studied. If he can accomplish that, it would then subconsciously (or consciously) discredit the whole book, and thus the teachings. But think about it, where I studied is irrelevant anyway Ė our teachers teach the same thing regardless of what country theyíre in. In fact, I also studied in other countries. Hundreds of thousands of monks have studied in Tibet, in India, in the US, in China, etc., etc. There is no reason to think I didnít study in Tibet, so why manipulate the readers of the review into thinking this is suspicious? You know why. (by the way, where is Timbuktu?)

Next, "This is the perfect down-to-earth handbook for readers aspiring to broaden insights, especially for those new to the search for knowledge."

A nice compliment finally? Nope. A "compliment" from a "wolf in sheepís clothing" is more like it. Hereís why: Notice the subtle way he sneaks a "qualification" in there? How he says "Öfor those new to the search for knowledge". Think about all the effects using that little word "new" has on the readers of the "review" - most of whom have been on a search for knowledge for some time, most who donít at all consider themselves "new" to the search for knowledge, and arenít interested in "kindergarten" spiritual material theyíve probably already read. To the contrary of it being for "new" searchers, we receive hundreds of letters and calls from people who have searched and studied their whole lives, some even elderly, who feel the book is finally the spiritual teachings theyíve been after. So it is both for new, and very old, seekers of spiritual truth. It is simply for seekers of spiritual truth, period, of whatever age or whatever stage of searching. But think about how many potential readers were discouraged from reading the book, because he used that phrase.

While many of the targets of the criticisms in the "review" are trite, many of the criticisms themselves donít even make any sense. Does anyone there at the ARE also think it is just a deliberate effort to do as much as possible to discourage your members from reading our book, and discredit me, through using very clever, subtle, "sneaky" literary manipulation of the "reviewís" readers? It is done so cleverly, that it even offers some praise and compliments at the end of the "review" (after the damage is thoroughly done), in an effort to make the "review" seem objective to the unaware reader. All the "negativity weaving" is done with a "masterís" touch, so subtly that the casual reader wouldnít even be aware of it, or its impact on them. Even you may not have seen it until we pointed out the specifics of how these underhanded aspects of the alleged "review" are deliberately, and oh so cleverly, written (crafted).

If necessary, I would be happy to have someone send you a more detailed sentence by sentence analysis of the "review" that logically and clearly demonstrates what many would call evidence of illegitimacy, lack of sense, and proof of an agenda. After reading that, I hope you will agree with us that a retraction with an apology, and a new legitimate review should be printed.

Itís interesting to note that when the book came out two years ago, an ARE employee (Naia) brought the book to the attention of others there, including the magazine staff and editor. She had been getting a lot of calls and letters from ARE members who had found the book and were excited about it. She, like many other ARE members who have read it, was excited about the book and the teachings. She recommended a review, even wrote a legitimate review herself, only to have it turned down. Why wasnít a review published then? Reviews are usually done when a book is first published. And this book was "hand picked" and brought to the attention of the magazine by an ARE employee. I heard from other sources that something was mentioned about Naiaís review being "too positive". Two years later, the editor suddenly sees fit to publish an unprofessional, negative "review"? One that is deemed way "too negative" by many of your own members. Why? And why not a positive review? Especially when that is the norm.

Using an excuse that the writing/editing of our book was terrible, just doesnít hold water Ė not for a book of spiritual teachings like this, nor for a review in this type of publication (that always focuses on spiritual books, spiritual content, and not grammatical snobbery). If it were a review of a Gore Vidal historical documentary novel being reviewed by the NY times, and it had a few editing or writing mistakes, maybe, just maybe, then they could justify "trashing it" in a review because of poor writing style or sloppy editing Ė maybe. But I doubt it. They might make mention of it, then go on to actually reviewing the content of the book. There are many books with amateurish writing and editing that get totally "too positive" reviews in Venture Inward, in which they receive nothing but praise Ė reviewers even recommend them highly, because the topic is well covered in the book. In fact, the review next to ours, on a book about animals - did not receive the same unfair treatment, but was actually reviewed as a book is normally reviewed, and should be reviewed, including focusing on the content, rather than the irrelevant. But then, that book doesnít threaten certain people like The Lost Teachings does. Our book was professionally edited, and the one or two mistakes that got by the editor and printer, also occur in many other books too. Iím sure he knows that. Regarding writing style, I explain in the beginning of the book that I deliberately broke away from convention, and wrote in a style meant to best communicate the teachings, and a style similar to the way a teacher speaks, not a style to please school teachers. I also cited historical and present-day precedents for braking away from the normal "rules". We get hundreds of letters complimenting us on how readable the book is.

Let me repeat vehemently, that regardless of who the "reviewer" was, or what his agenda was, this "review" was either submitted to, or solicited by, the editor of Venture Inward, read by the editor, found acceptable by the editor, and published by the editor. So the "front line" ultimate responsibility and blame for this atrocious injustice is his (and anyone who may have urged him to do this). And who is in charge of this editor? It is a magazine "voice" of the ARE, and he answers to NO ONE?

National Geographic Discovery

Another thing the "reviewer" cast subliminal aspersions about, was the location and existence of the monastery itself. Itís kind of funny and ironic, since Cayce, and Iím sure the ARE, had similar criticism, since the readings state as fact so many "out there" things, like the hall of records, Atlantis, reincarnation, the "things", Belialians, Temples to treat "the things", etc.. You and I know that there is more to Egypt than weíre being told. I know the hall of records has been found but being kept secret by the "establishment". Iím sure some of you know or suspect this as well. I know even more. I know that some indirectly associated with the ARE are part of the cover-up. I know some of our novice monks "disappeared" and died in an attempt to reveal it, and that certain officials in Egypt are well aware of this. As far as the "reviewer" putting quotes around "pre-Buddhist" when he mentioned our library (in order to cast an innuendo of doubt about that). Itís rather amusing since he obviously thinks heís so intelligent and worldly wise Ė yet so many of the even "mainstream" accepted archeological sites in the world are well known to be pre Buddhist, including the pyramids. Of course, other places are so hidden and isolated by nature and the lack of manís ability to explore, that theyíre very difficult to find or prove, like Atlantis.

Some people refuse to believe that anything or any place could possibly be so hidden, isolated and secret that no one else knows about it. I know differently Ė you who profess the Cayce readings should also know differently, or at least believe. But those like the "reviewer" believe they know everything about the world. In their ignorance they think there is nothing left in the world to discover, no stone left unturned by now, nothing that has not been found or seen by humans, or recorded by spy satellites. Thus they take the attitude that I, the book (and subsequently the teachings) lack credibility just because our ancient monastery was so well hidden and inaccessible. This narrow-mindedness is unfortunate for them. Ironically, such know-it-alls were just proven wrong (again) when explorers from National Geographic were the first (non-Children of the Law of One) humans to ever enter the isolated area of Tibet near the old monastery. A major Chicago newspaper carried the story (we have a copy if interested). The report proclaimed "Shangri-La Discovered". They described going into an area of Tibet never entered by humans before (so they thought) because it was "forbidden" for Tibetans to go there, and Tibetans also wouldnít even provide any information or assistance that would help anyone else get to it. They tell of finding a sub-tropical valley (amidst the Himalayas) that was so protected and hidden by natural phenomenon, it never even showed up in spy satellite photos. Not even Tibetan Buddhist monks knew for sure what was there Ė just that the area was sacred, and it was forbidden to go there Ė and they did what they could to keep explorers from entering the area. The story of the Explorersí discovery (which many people would deem one of the most incredible finds of the century), is not getting the publicity youíd think such a find would (for some "mysterious reason"). Of course, neither was there ever media coverage of pre-Egyptian record chambers found buried in Egypt or the Yucatan. So nothing could remain so isolated and hidden?

I know at least some people at the ARE also doubt that the Children of the Law of One, or the Sons of Belial still exist. Iíve heard from one person regarding the Belialian issue. But if you scan the CD rom of the Cayce readings, they not only donít ever say anything about our order coming to an end, but in fact allude to our opening the "hall of records" in the future. For that to even be possible, we must still be around Ė and obviously unknown to the outside world. He also says the records were not for the public, but for those who placed them there (us). I explain in the book how the opening of the hall of records was not possible, and this book is partly in lieu of the information that would have been revealed to the public by us from that. Since the ARE purports to believe the Cayce readings, and promotes them, what I am speaking of should also be what the ARE believes, and should be promoting. Yet we find resistance from some within the ARE, to the entire concept of "me", us, all that we stand for, and the revelation of spiritual teachings that are in total harmony with the Cayce readings and that he obviously considered vitally important for the future world.

As far as Belialians go, I had reason to be deliberately vague in the book, which unfortunately left some people thinking there were actually some sort of lizard-human monsters lurking about (this has been corrected in the 4th edition). But the truth is that they have continued to reincarnate, just like us, and are in virtually normal human bodies, undetectable by most people, and are often among the very wealthy elite, world business, military, diplomatic and political leaders. Yet they are still monstrously evil inside. If you are a sensitive, or trained as we are, you can still detect the Belialian soul in a normal human body. As they continued to reincarnate like everyone else, they physically altered and evolved accordingly, and also like everyone else, they bring in with them, what they left with. I.e., to oversimplify, if you were evil or good in your last life, you bring that back with you, and work from there. Cayce said this too. Can you tell me any Cayce reading where he says that reincarnation would not apply to either the Sons of Belial or the Children of the Law of One? Read the readings your organization is supposed to stand for. The agenda of the Sons of Belial was one of slavery and domination. While they wanted control of the poor lost souls Cayce called "things" (and we called "humanimals"), the Children worked and fought to free the "things". The "things" eventually were all "fixed" and reincarnated as relatively normal looking humans also. But have attempts at domination and slavery stopped anytime throughout history, including now? Who do you think is behind it? What kind of person could do such atrocious things to others? Most people canít even comprehend being so cruel and power mad. So who can?

One thing that sets us both the Children and the Belialians apart from other reincarnated humans, is that we are both either born into, or found and trained by our respective orders (Children or Belialian), and then become conscious and active in our heritages. Those of Belialian heritage have thus been behind the horrors of major wars and most attempted domination and slavery throughout history. Those of the Childrenís heritage have been fought for freedom, whether by sword, pen, or political "schmoozing". There is far more I am aware of that I am not at liberty to share with you, but I hope you get the idea.


Summary of the "REVIEW"

To sum it up, contrary to what a "normal" or "legitimate" review does, this "review", avoids the primary content of the book (the teachings), casts suspicion and doubt on the book and its author, and the source of the teachings (and thus the teachings themselves). He does this without apparent cause (at least any "revealed" or legitimate cause). He contrives facts and focuses on irrelevant details in order to avoid legitimately reviewing the book. He attacks the use of the authorís name, in a way that indicates clearly that he knew of the Peniel name controversy and Cayce readings about it (we know for sure the editor also knew). While attacking these "authorís name and identity" issues, he deliberately leaves out any information about the Cayce readings regarding "the name", effectively hiding important information from Cayce readers through omission Ė the sin of deceit Ė and censorship. By the time he even mentions the content (the spiritual teachings), the damage is done. It essentially says it is very badly written and edited, and highly suspicious (of something - he never really comes right out and says). Lastly, while appearing to finally complement the book at the very end of the review, he even cleverly sabotages that by subtly inferring it is best suited for novice seekers of spiritual knowledge (which he knows ARE members are obviously NOT).

As I mentioned in my letter, over 99% of the content of the book is just the presentation of teachings regarding true spiritual ideals Ė particularly the realization and application of spiritual ideals, not just the intellectual learning of them. Yet the "reviewer" consistently negatively comments on irrelevancies rather than actually reviewing the content. If this was supposed to be a legitimate review, it is the strangest anyone has ever seen. One might expect it from a non-spiritual publication, but from a spiritual one? But one would especially expect that a review of such a book in a spiritual magazine published by the ARE, would focus on the spiritual material of the book being reviewed Ė (at least if it was legitimate). But thatís FAR from what is found in this "review". Instead we find major emphasis being put on unbelievably trivial irrelevancies Ė a focus that doesnít occur in "normal" book reviews. In fact, the entire first two thirds of the "review" doesnít have one word addressing the bookís content. Rather than addressing the teachings (i.e., the content), the "reviewer" begins by contradicting his own negative comments - first he complains that the book is too long, and then complains that it doesnít have enough insignificant details (which would make the book far longer). Rather than dealing with the substance of the book, the "review" dedicates paragraph after paragraph to criticizing the book (and the author personally), based on such petty notions as: 1) Not enough insignificant details about my childhood; 2) Not enough mundane details about my travel arrangements to Tibet, and the monastery; 3) The number of pages in the book (apparently the "reviewer" knows the "proper" number of pages books should have); 4) The authorís name not only appearing on the spine - not on the front cover artwork; 5) The author attempting to publish anonymously; 6) The author not using a pseudonym; 7) The book being too long because it uses a conversational style (which engages readers), rather than textbook-like narratives (which bore readers); 8) That the author "toys with words" (whatever that means); and 9) One minor editing flaw.

Most of the above "points" have entire paragraphs wasted on them under the guise of a "book review". Thus, one must assume that both the "reviewer" and the Venture Inward editors involved, consider those trite things far more important than the content of a book, or the spiritual material it contains. At least, those are the things they seem to consider the truly important substantive issues of the book. Otherwise, why would the first two-thirds of the review focus on these things rather than the content? I emphasized "seem" in the above sentence, because the "review" was just far too unprofessional, yet professionally written and edited, far too negative, and way too far off the mark from any real, normal, legitimate review. There is however one feasible alternative - it suggests a hidden agenda.

The "reviewerís" narrative is cleverly presented - filled with negative innuendo making the "incidental" seem important. He expertly manipulates the reader to feel suspicious, feel "troubled" about the author, feel troubled about the book, and thus feel suspicious about the teachings Ė even though there is nothing substantive enough ever said to give the reader a real reason to be suspicious or troubled. Nevertheless, the "reviewer" masterfully and thoroughly projects and instills those vague negative feelings. In fact, the "review" focuses so much on doing this throughout the "review", that the average reader will decide the book is so badly written, and the author and his story so suspicious, that they donít even need to bother finishing reading the "review" itself. And the "reviewer" amazingly accomplishes all this damage without ever coming right out and saying the book is badly written, nor the author suspicious. This is compounded by the fact that the spiritual teachings comprising virtually the entire content of the book, arenít even mentioned until the last few paragraphs. Readers of this "review" will probably stop reading it, before the "reviewer" gets to his qualified "pseudo-praise" for the spiritual material at the end of the "review". Of course, this "review" is not a mistake Ė itís too well done for that. Itís so well done that itís clearly by design. The "reviewer" definitely knew what he was doing, and knows his craft. If there were going to be real praise for a bookís spiritual content, a legitimate reviewer would have put it at the beginning of the "review", if he were going to "run on" incessantly about irrelevant details later. If that had been done, readers of this "review" would have at least stood some chance of being interested in the book and trying it out. How many spiritual book reviews use the first two-thirds of the "review" to negatively "slam" a book solely based on mundane details that have nothing to do with the spiritual content or message, then later in the last paragraphs "praise" it as a great spiritual handbook (qualifying that with "for those NEW to searching for spiritual knowledge)? Can you imagine reviewing the Cayce material, and the Cayce books this way? Cayceís exact words, and essentially, his teachings, are not well written or spoken by the rules of grammar and English lit. But that isnít what they were about, were they? Iíll give you an example later.

The reason the content of the book isnít reviewed nor attacked, is because the spiritual philosophy of our teachings are the same as those found in the Cayce readings. Thus, the "reviewer" could not attack the teachings without being at odds with the Cayce readings themselves. Nor would someone who didnít want the book to be read mention the striking philosophical/spiritual harmony of our teachings and the Cayce readings, and the new information and clarity it brings to those readings. So instead of reviewing the content of the book, the "reviewer" casts aspersions and makes subtle negative innuendoes about anything and everything else he can contrive. That is NOT the kind of critique found in ANY legitimate book review anywhere, let alone a review of spiritual teachings in a spiritual magazine. Does anyone disagree with me? I have an open and humble mind, and if some has some legitimate arguments to defend these actions, I will listen, and accept the truth.


Iíd like to demonstrate how the person who "reviewed" our book, would likely have "reviewed" a Cayce book (if heíd had the same prejudices against Cayce). I will use the same focus, and techniques, to mimic his "review" of our book as closely as possible. Much of the wording is the same as were used for (against) our book. (it would help clarify my point if you read the review of our book again, after reading this example - you can see how this guy could easily have written such a review of a Cayce book, and how twisted, misrepresented, and with ill intent, it would have been. Your members are owed a big apology, and a new, legitimate review, written by someone who values spiritual truths.)

Hereís the "sample" Cayce book "review":

"First, the bad news - The book is overwritten and too long, primarily because of the long-winded discourse of suppositions regarding the possible meanings of the readings. Cutting these out, and also editing the run on "readings", would make the book shorter and reduce the "clutter".

Scan the front cover, and youíll find both Edgar Cayceís name, and someone named "Jess Stern" Ė whoever that is. Donít they use pseudonyms anymore?

The style is often vague and confusing, containing unbelievably long wagon trains of "run on" sentences that leave you not knowing where you began and where you ended. It leads one to believe the book wasnít professionally edited.

Where do these "readings" come from? The authorís explanation is that he "leaves his body" and travels to a "hall" where he says he "reads" something he calls the "Akashic Records". How he actually gets to this "hall" the reader will have to guess, because the details are sketchy Ė briefly mentioning hypnosis, following a light, and "entities" on the sides of his path.

Then you have the commentaries on the readings which come in- between the actual readings. This back and forth roller coaster ride between commentaries and readings, gives a "peek-a-boo" effect. Do you want to know what the reading really means? Youíll have to ask Cayce. Because there is often not enough detail to be certain Ė leaving much room for speculation as to the real meaning. To make matters worse, there are "notes" from Cayceís "secretary", taken during the readings, in which she speculates about what the "sleeping" Cayce really means.

Cayce says he was in "Atlantis", during a different "reincarnation". Where did he live in Atlantis? Itís anyoneís guess because mundane facts are rare.

The book starts out with a biography about Cayce, but he gives very few facts and details about his personal background as a child. All they reveal are vague experiences like learning by putting a book under his pillow at night, horses turning back, seeing invisible friends and relatives, etc.

The good news? Stern - whoever he is - is obviously a kind man with a desire to help get the Cayce info out. And the "in-trance" Cayce delivers a message that emphasizes application of spiritual principles in your life. The information is great for new seekers of spiritual knowledge. And whether Cayce got his info from "the Hall of the Akashic Records" or Timbuktu, could it hurt for us to listen to his message?"

Sounds ridiculous for a review of a Cayce book, doesnít it? But some of the statements are "sort of" true, right? But look how the trite stuff gets focused on Ė with negative innuendo. Whatís the impact of that? And how does the last allegedly positive paragraph, impact the reader after all the previous doubt cast on Cayce, Stern, and the readings? Itís amazing how "skewed" the truth can be. Is that what should be focused on if you were reviewing the Cayce readings in a spiritual magazine? Is that the kind of "spin" that should be put on the truth? Would such a review be fair to the potential readers of the Cayce material? Would such a "review" be written by a person who truly valued spirituality? Or allowed by an editor who truly valued spirituality? I think that most of us can agree that the answer is- no. If you are honest, as you read the "review" of our book, you can see thatís how a "review" of a Cayce book would have gone with this "reviewer" Ė if he had an agenda against Cayce, like he did with us.






We have been contacted by hundreds of ARE members regarding what they consider to be a serious problem within the ARE, and about the treatment given me and the book "The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis", by the AREís magazine, "Venture Inward". In part, that is why I am contacting you. We have also heard from members complaining that the ARE is becoming too "religion-like", and constantly soliciting for money, with no real good cause being given for the need of the money, or use of the money.

First, let me briefly introduce myself. I am Jon Peniel, the author of the above book, and a spiritual teacher/monk. It was written solely for the purpose of presenting ancient spiritual teachings that we believe are vital to many people in the world right now. The teachings are essentially a guide to applying Jesusí commandment of loving one another as He loved us, and a step-by-step education and program of how to achieve that, and how to return to Oneness with God. It is basically the same goal, and same teachings, as promoted by Edgar in the Cayce readings, but updated for this new, and critical, time in history. But the message is presented in a clear, easy to understand manner that Edgar Cayce would call "making it plain" so it could be unmistakably understandable to the hearts and minds of the public. Making complex spiritual concepts simple and understandable, is not an easy task, yet with the help of God/the Universal Spirit, it was accomplished. Many of your own members have found it very helpful, and many also believe it is a vitally important spiritual message/event foretold by Edgar Cayce, that they have been waiting to come to pass. They cannot understand why the ARE is not only not supporting and promoting it, but actually seems to be antagonistic towards it, and published a negatively slanted book "review" that focused on my name, editing & writing styles, rather than the spiritual message the book contains. It seems that in part, my name alone, is why.

At the time the book was published, I was not aware that there was a big issue surrounding the name and personage of "John Peniel" (or in my case Jon Peniel). However, I am NOW aware of just how big this issue is for some people, or all, within the ARE governing body. It seems the "name issue" is blown way out of proportion, and has become a serious problem that is equally way out of control, subsequently obscuring and blocking common sense, spiritual truth, fairness & justice (and in my opinion, causing the organization to turn away from serving the will of God). I have since learned that in the past, people who knew about the Cayce reading about Peniel, claimed to be the John Peniel predicted by Cayce, including one person who actually had his name legally changed to John Peniel. After hearing that, and reading the "review" of our book in your magazine, I must assume that this obsession with the "name issue" is at least one of the reasons why I, and the book/teachings, received the kind of "reception" we have from the ARE. Which is ironic in many ways. I especially donít think the ARE should have any issue with "the name" in my case, for two reasons: 1) I tried persistently and staunchly to publish anonymously (which I have proof of), and; 2) I never laid the slightest "claim" to the Cayce prophecy about Peniel as did those in the past who "claimed" to be the John Peniel Cayce predicted (however others, including many ARE members, and study groups, have proclaimed they believe I am that person). In fact, the first submission we made to a publisher was to the ARE, and it was based on the condition that it was to be published anonymously without any authorís name Ė it was rejected. Again, how ironic. (For those interested, I cover this "name issue" in more detail in a separate enclosure/link with this letter).

To me, "the name" is irrelevant. In fact, ALL names and sources of spiritual truth are irrelevant, if they are indeed spiritual truths or teachings that can help the people in this world who are trapped in their self-created dark prisons. Would the words and life of Jesus be any more or less important if he were named "Hershal"? Or was it Jesus and His teachings that mattered? Was the name "Jesus" a prophetic issue, or was it about what he taught and gave us? Would the ARE attempt to block members from being aware of the second coming, if He dared to use the name Jesus? Would Cayceís readings be more or less important if Jesus was named Hershal, and Cayceís name was Jesus? Even if Cayce used a "pen name", or "stage name", would it have made the spiritual truths in his readings any less true, profound, and important? Note that in the readings, Cayce says that Jesus Himself actually wrote several of the Gospels, using other names, like "Mark", "Luke", etc. Does that make any difference? Do you ignore, condemn, or slander those Gospels because of that? Those of you who make this "Peniel" name thing such a big deal, need to relax, switch to decaf, and learn to judge the significance of spiritual truths/teachings on their own merit, not by what the speaker or authorís name is, or is not.

Regardless of what name I call myself or others call me, or whether anyone considers me the "Cayce predicted Peniel" or not, I am whoever I am - and as with any person, who they really are, is known by their deeds. If their words always match their deeds (which is rare), then who they are is also reflected in their words.

Presently, I am what you might call the "head monk" of our spiritual order. Speaking of names, our order is known by many names, but probably best known to those familiar with Cayce readings as "the Children of the Law of One". We are mentioned repeatedly in the readings as, what for lack of better words one might call the spiritual "good guys" (ever since the beginning of human Earthly sojourns). We are described as the spiritual order who worked and fought for the freedom of the poor souls who became so lost in the material plane, that they were subsequently enslaved by those Cayce referred to as "the Sons of Belial". You purport to believe in reincarnation. Do you really think it all ended sometime in the past? The fight against physical and economic slavery has been an ever on-going one, and still is. Why do you think that is? For those who doubt this, open your eyes and look around the world at all the physical and economic slavery that still exists (even with children), ask yourself why it exists, and who is really behind it. Then check with Amnesty International about what happens to those who try to change such atrocities.

So, name issue aside, how can you know what I say is true, and that I speak spiritual truths? The same way you know what Cayce said is true. How did you come to believe that Cayce was speaking spiritual truths, and also come to decide that they were so important that you made it a big part of your life to promote his readings? Everyone has a still, silent "inner voice" that is a part of their inner being Ė their connection to God. This spiritual "intuition" letís us know when something is true or not. That inner voice is more developed in spiritually oriented people, and when they read or hear something that is true, they experience something we call "it rang the bell of truth". When I was a teenager, and I read the Cayce material, my "inner bells" rang like crazy. Did you experience the same thing, or something similar? If so, then if our teachings, and my words, are also true and reflective of the same spiritual source, you will have the same "inner voice/silent bells ringing" response to the teachings in our book, and what I have to say in this letter. Of course, if you have ulterior motives or selfish reasons to block your inner voice when you read it, then you will be unable to sense the truth when it hits you right between the eyes Ė and you may even have a negative response.

I am writing this letter as a "wake up call" for some of you, a chastisement for some of you (for those who need it), and in hopes of bringing about a big positive change in your organization. Iím sure most of you are thinking "Who does he think he is to dare speak to us in this way?" As our grand master Jesus once said, I havenít come to bring peace, but to bring a sword. Iím not comparing myself to Jesus, but I do follow his teachings. So Iím here to shake things up with the spiritual truths of God, wherever and whenever I am directed to. And you who have placed yourselves in positions of power in a hierarchy of what seems to have become a narrow minded Edgar Cayce bureaucracy, are no exception to being "told off" by God, or those who truly serve Godís will, when you have diverted from His will. I am a messenger, and it is my duty to deliver the message, even if it offends. But, it wasnít always so.

I am a man who once followed his selfish/separate will. But with the help God, the ancient teachings, and my teachers, I changed. It took applying discipline, commitment and conviction, difficult training, and sacrificing my own desires. But eventually it led to surrendering to God, following only the will of God, and dedicating my life to being a servant of the One (God). Thus my actions and the words I speak, are not really mine, they are spoken through me, and even though Iím not in trance like Cayce, they are those of spiritual truths from the Universal Spirit, and our Universal inner being. And you will know I speak the truth, and sense it, if you are open to truth. You can take this as ego if you wish, but itís just matter of fact to me. I am not the only one who has surrendered to, and follows the will of God in this way, by any means. But I am one of them. So back to the question of who am I to say these things to you? I am one who has allowed the Universal Spirit (God) to "take over" my life and "use" me, regardless of the consequences to me. Have any of those throughout history, who have completely dedicated their lives to serving God, done any less? Thatís "who I am" to speak to you this way. You need to be humble, hear it, listen to it, and act upon it. Read the Cayce readings and youíll find the same spirit. You purport to believe in them. But unfortunately, he is not alive and here to chastise you in person. But I am.

Most people are at many various levels of spiritual consciousness. Some have lost their way, while some are on a spiritual path and want to reach that goal. Thatís why there is a need for prophets and teachers. Those who have totally sacrificed everything, completely turned over their lives to God, with NO exceptions, have the clear insight, that allows their words and actions to have the kind of impact that pierces the shadows, the fog, that men hide in. Thus, they canít really hide from the truths spoken by those chosen to teach, prophesize, and in situations such as this, chastise those who have gone astray Ė especially those of you who have a great deal of influence over people. Those with a true desire to change and serve God, and with "ears to hear", recognize the truth, take heed, get inspired, and make greater spiritual changes in their lives. Those who donít get defensive, irritated, and negative. Cayce, even though for karmic reasons he had to be in a trance to speak the dynamic spiritual truths, was one who those with "ears to hear" could sense the truth in what he had to say. People called him a prophet, and still do. But he didnít always say "nice" things, or say things in a "nice" way, or say things people wanted to hear. Sometimes he "chastised" people in his readings, just as the prophets of old. And like the prophets of old, or anyone who presents spiritual truths, their words can be accepted, or denied Ė most people donít care, some care a little, some care a lot Ė but in all cases the "soul" and spirit care absolutely. And even those people who live in "denial" of their inner being, and resist following the will of God, still have an inner being that "bugs" them - the soul still knows when it is being told spiritual truths that are really coming from God. Those who truly desire to be a servant of God, find nourishment in such words, whereas those who are hiding from God, those who are selfishly oriented and only interested in serving the self, recoil from spiritual truth, and can even get hostile towards the messenger. I care about the truth Ė spiritual truths - the kind of piercing truth that can only come from within, from the same inner being that is in all of us - the same inner being that Cayce allowed to come out and speak when in trance. The kind of spiritual truth that doesnít let the "self" hide or escape. Whether such truth is inspiring and nourishing, or threatening, all depends on "where someone is at" spiritually within themselves. Those in power at the ARE should care just as much about that kind of spiritual truth as I do. People can and will reject or listen to the words of the Cayce readings, and reject or listen to the spiritual teachings in our book, or even my words in this letter. But it doesnít change whether or not what Iím saying is truth. It would be best for you to listen to the truth wherever you find it, including in my words, regardless of who I think I am, or who you think I am, or who you think I am not, or who you think you are. Because when all is said and done, and our time comes, the only thing that matters is how we conducted our lives, and whether or not we listened and applied truth, and followed the will of God. An old saying is that one can find wisdom in the words of both the wise man and the fool. Thus, anyone who refuses to even consider the words of a fool, is the true, and greatest fool. I think itís wise to listen to all opinions, searching for the truth and wisdom in them all, and then making determinations of truth, and subsequently, decisions and actions, from there. Which brings me to another, and very important point.

The entire world has been entering into what might be called a "major juncture". Every individual has made, and continues to make, decisions that are determining the destiny of the Earth, and more importantly, the destiny of souls. Many feel it. Pressure on every individual continues to grow more intense, as we all approach the intense days of purification so long prophesied. And that brings me back to the AREís place in all this.

Those with influence over others, or any kind of media power, are in an even more serious "karmic" seat than average individuals. They have a duty and obligation to be truthful, and not mislead those who listen to them. A significant juncture for the ARE (and thus its members), occurred in 1998. It involved the release of our spiritual teachings in the book "Lost Teachings of Atlantis". At that time, it was brought to the attention of many in power within the ARE. Decisions by some in the ARE were made at that juncture (including denying a book review, preventing the teachings/message from being brought to the attention of ARE members). In my opinion, that, along with other decisions, have had numerous negative impacts, and did an injustice to many people, including ARE members. It has caused serious karmic ramifications for those involved. You know what Iím talking about, at least in part. Some things can be rectified however, if major changes take place immediately, but your chances are running out Ė time marches on and leaves us behind with our karma. Please donít take that wrong, itís not a threat of any kind, itís simply truth, and a message you need to hear at this time.

The ARE and our spiritual order, should have been, and should still be a "brotherhood/sisterhood" Ė a team dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment and freedom of humanity. At least on our part, that is our dedication, and how we act. Yet since we "went public" with the release of our book/teachings, instead of being welcomed by the ARE, we have found ourselves being ignored, shut out, and even maligned by some or all of those in power there. I hope you will rectify the situation. I have remained silent until now, but it has been made clear to me that the time has come to speak the hard truth, and admonish those within the ARE who have not, or are not, serving the cause it was created for.

Many of the issues I am bringing up, are regarding those who have become so lost that they actually serve the darkness. They have either consciously, or subconsciously, become dedicated to the prevention of the purposes for which the ARE was founded. God and the Universal Law some call karma, will deal with them in time. But I know there are those in the ARE who are still dedicated to the light, to God, and to the true purpose of the ARE. But there has been a lack of vigilance, and things have been allowed to go too far off track as selfishness (darkness) crept in. The ARE was created to be a tool to help save the many souls who are lost and trapped in self, and to return to Oneness with God rather than living and suffering the illusions created by separateness from the Universal Spirit. What is it really doing now? Has it just become another "religion", a "mock religion" mired in dogma and stuck deifying the great old readings of its founder, rather than continuing to spiritually grow with the SPIRIT of the man and his readings? Has it really followed the direction he would have taken it in, and especially taken at this time? And/or has bureaucracy overwhelmed it? Are you serving your members, or your "selves"? I must question that, because there is such a great deal of difference between the kind of reception weíve received from ARE members, as opposed to the ARE organization/hierarchy itself.

The ARE members who have contacted us this year about the book "review" in Venture Inward, were very upset. They believed it was a deliberately misleading and negative "dig" at me, our book, and the teachings. They believe it was done to discourage other members from reading it. If this is true, that means some in the ARE are essentially censoring and banning ideas from its membership, indirectly and sneakily. After reading a fax of the "review", I agree. Using a masterfully crafted, contrived, fake "review" to discourage ARE members from reading ANY book, does effectively "ban" it. Especially when the magazineís readers are accustomed to reading nothing but positive legitimate reviews, that deal with a books content. In my opinion, and those of many others not associated with us, our book was deliberately singled out for censure. If I am not a legitimate author, or the teachings are "untrue", what do you have to fear? Donít you believe your members would see through it? Must you take the role of an Orwellian "Big Brother" to keep your membership "safe" from ideas that might corrupt them against the Stateís (in this case, the AREís) programming and belief system? I believe that anyone who has seen the spiritual truths and the words of God that come through in the Cayce readings, is at a very advanced stage of being able to perceive spiritual truth, from lies and ideas that would spiritually corrupt. Ironically, in this case, there isnít even a conflict between the ideals of our teachings, and those of Cayceís. So why? Also, if in your opinion I am illegitimate (and thus the book and teachings untrue), why not just come out and say so with an honest opinion in an editorial? Instead, the name issue was danced around and a big deal was made about the author and his name, without saying why you were making a big deal about it. Plus it was supposed to be a book review, not an author review. I think I know one reason. I believe someone, or more than one someone, didnít want the Peniel reading to be brought to the attention of members who didnít know about it. But the "reviewer" or at least the editor, did know about it, and thus attacks were made without saying why.

Please donít mistake my reaction for being "sour grapes" by an author who is upset by a negative review. That couldnít be farther from the truth. Firstly, Iím not an author by profession, Iím a monk. I donít make my living from writing, and I remain in retreat, not public life. Plus I was going to publish anonymously. So I could care less personally about myself. But I do care about those teachings reaching those who need them. I care a lot (obviously). If it were a legitimate review, and the content (teachings) had been reviewed and criticized legitimately, it would be one thing. But the "reviewer" is clever enough to not come right out and condemn the book, and basically avoids the content, and the teachings Ė the content basically being exactly what the title says "The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis". The "review" couldnít condemn the teachings without also condemning Cayceís readings or Jesusí teachings. So irrelevancies had to be condemned. But reading between the lines, the "review" does essentially condemn the teachings and the book. Regardless of the pseudo-"praise" given it in the last sentences of the "review" (which fall on deaf ears because the book was so thoroughly trashed prior), it persistently infers that it is a lousy book with questionable teachings from questionable sources by a questionable author with questionable motives. But it does this all VERY subtly and sneakily. Too subtly and too well done to be an accident - or "real" review (in the opinions of all those weíve heard from). It is far too focused on every possible irrelevant issue one could imagine (or create), rather than the message. Why would hundreds of members find it the most important spiritual work theyíve ever read, while some in the ARE hierarchy and magazine find it necessary to use literary tricks and "misdirection" to discredit it? Could it be a fear of truth and change? Or worse, a deliberate corruption within the organization by the forces of darkness working under the guise of spirituality and protecting its members from corruption? Iíll specifically address the review at some length elsewhere.

Iím sure that many alleged Christians of certain persuasions would love to see the Cayce books banned, slandered, "edited" or in any way possible made unavailable to read. Is that not true? I am against book censorship in any way shape or form (for adults). I believe in freedom of speech, free exchange of ideas, not banning books, or burning books. Misleading the public about a book in order to prevent it being read, accomplishes the same thing as physical banning, but through verbal subterfuge instead. You and I both believe everyone should have the chance to read the Cayce material. Iím sure we also agree they should have the chance to decide the materials value for themselves, without their minds being previously poisoned against it. The importance of free will is repeatedly mentioned in the Cayce readings, and is so vital to our teachings an entire chapter of our book is devoted to it. Just like you feel about the Cayce readings, we also want the public to have a chance to find and read our books and teachings, and also to be able to read them with an open mind Ė not a prejudiced poisoned mind. So why prejudice and poison the minds of potential readers of our teachings?

I was told the magazine has no oversight or control by the ARE. Perhaps itís true, but I find that hard to believe since the magazine is seen as the voice of the ARE, representing the ARE, and goes to ARE members. If it is true, maybe such lack of oversight should be re-thought by ARE hierarchy. I know I wouldnít want some publication that we really had nothing to do with, nor any control over, representing us. And if the editor of our newsletter ever published such a "review" of a Cayce book, he would be fired immediately. We havenít even received an apology Ė just a lame false excuse through a third party, that the "reviewer" was an English teacher and just couldnít help himself because the book was written so badly. In any case, after reading the "review", I wish to bring this issue to the attention of the entire ARE governing hierarchy, and others in the organization. I also hope to inspire those of you who may still be on the same track your founder was on, to take action to turn things around, get back on course, and take the ARE into the direction it was supposed to go in at this time (actually beginning a few years ago). I know that if Edgar Cayce were still alive, things would be very different, and I wouldnít even be having to write this letter. I am very, very busy, and am only taking the time to write this, in hopes that a new change will come forth, and the ARE will purge itself of any individuals who negatively manipulate it, or even hamper its potential. But I am sending copies of this letter to many individuals within ARE headquarters, because I hope at least some will relate and understand it, and be inspired to act, because others may still be part of the corruption of the organization and ideals behind it. Ideals we and Edgar Cayce share.

Obviously, we consider our teachings and this book to be quite important, which is why this is such a "big deal". Ours isnít a book about less important issues like dream interpretation, fairies, psychically communicating with your dog, or better gardening through talking to your plants, etc.. This book is about the most serious primary topics ever discussed by Cayce Ė the fall from Oneness with God, the loss of souls, the suffering and struggle of humanity, and the return to Oneness Ė especially the means for returning to Oneness. Besides being the earliest spiritual teachings in existence, they are essentially the earliest pure Christian teachings also, since "the Master" (Jesus), throughout his various incarnations from the beginning of our sojourns here on Earth, has always been the head of our order, until his final passing from the Earth plane. Cayce himself discusses the many earlier incarnations the Master had Ė including in Atlantis. Had the Master no teachings then, or no guidance? Was there no message then? Is the edited Bible the only source of His teachings? Any reasonable open-minded individual who reads Cayceís own readings, knows the only answer is "No". He taught through many lifetimes, and always with the same great teachings. But so much of it was lost, not recorded, or edited. Our book offers the teachings he learned and lived by, lifetime after lifetime. And the timing of the public release of these teachings, this spiritual message, was prophesized by those of our own order, not just Cayce, so itís rather egocentric for anyone at the ARE to think it was done just to match Cayceís predictions. And it is important for you to open your mind and recognize the truth when you read it. As the Cayce reading says, this book "makes plain" that which had come before (the Cayce readings Ė which while spiritually true, they often had to be intuitively interpreted, or even "guesses" made as to the meanings of them). Everyone weíve heard from who understands the Cayce readings in their hearts & minds, whether intuitively or not, has been very grateful for the plain language, logical, and easy to understand presentations of our teachings, because it clarifies the essence of the Cayce readings. As I mentioned earlier, we are at a major turning point for the entire world and its inhabitants. Billions of souls are at stake here. What happens to those souls, for what will seem a virtual eternity, is at stake here. Some were ready to hear the most complete spiritual truths and spiritual "common sense" ever available in plain easy to understand language. Some are still becoming ready. For some, it was their last chance to redeem themselves before the tribulations that are coming soon. Thus the sole purpose of the book is to present these ancient teachings in an easy to read format, at a critical time in the world, to be able to reach as many of those who can be helped by them now. And some at the ARE would resist/block it? If those of you responsible believe in karma, youíd better read the book, then contemplate hard about what you are doing, what is being done to your membership, and the consequences to your own souls. Sitting around discussing Cayce readings is a VERY good and inspiring thing, but as he would say himself, it is the application of free will, and self-sacrifice that are required to make real spiritual progress. And the release of the teachings is giving those who love the Cayce material, a new simple guidebook for such application, not just spiritual intellectualization, not just one more spiritual or new age book. Cayce himself indicated what an important next step it would be. And for those of you who would say it was just a rehash or compilation of the Cayce material, consider two things: 1) The Cayce Peniel prophecy was that the earlier information (probably meaning Cayceís) would be made plain in the hearts and minds of men. That is accomplished by the book. 2) If you think you could take Cayceís difficult to understand nebulous readings, and put it into language that ARE members finally "get", just try it. And why hasnít it ever really been done before now? Even the best attempts were books that contained a reading segment that could be interpreted in various ways, followed by "what the author thinks it means". Our teachings are the real thing, and those of you who are truly spiritually in tune, KNOW it.

The fact is, if Edgar Cayce was alive right now, he would have not only recognized the fulfillment of his own prophecy, but recognized the truth, officially recognized us, the teachings, and the vital importance of it all as we have publicly emerged with them at this time. He knew "John" Peniel would be a messenger bringing these teachings near the end times, and before the return of Christ. Edgar would be doing everything possible to promote the release of the ancient teachings of the Children of the Law of One. He would have used his own publishing house to publish and promote them. But certain individuals in the ARE who knew about this book, have not only NOT welcomed or supported it, but have used the organization to suppress and discredit the information. What a turn-about. What a travesty. And have those individuals even read it before condemning it? Or was just the name "Peniel" enough to get it sentenced without a trial?

For those of you in the ARE who are not involved in the negative review, or any suppression of the book, please read it. Is that too much to ask considering the possible significance of it if what Iím saying is true? If you will read it, please read it with a focus on the teachings that the book is all about, rather than focusing on the name of the author. If you havenít read either the book, or the alleged "review", I humbly beg that you read the book first, hear the teachings for yourselves, then read the "review" afterward and see if you feel it is in ANY way justified. Determine for yourself not only if it was in any way justified, but if there could actually even be a dark purpose behind attacking the book. The "review" is eye opening to any lover of the Cayce material, who has also read our book, and who is not obsessed with ignoring and discrediting any work that just happens to have the "Peniel" name attached to it. And anyone with an open spiritual heart will also have to examine where and why this darkness has crept into the ARE, and how deep it goes. The dark ones always work to infiltrate and take over anything that spreads light, or even has the potential for it in the future.

There are many instances and fine details to all of the interactions we have had thus far with the ARE, but I wonít go into them all here. There was the publication issue, and while you canít expect a publisher to accept a book, this wasnít any book, and the perfect pairing would have been for the ARE themselves to publish it. Then after finding another publisher, we heard from ARE members that they couldnít get the book from the ARE bookstore. The bookstore said they were not being able to get copies from distributors (which was true), but when our publisher offered to supply them directly, they were turned down. I have heard the bookstore carries it now, but since the last time I checked, it was still not offered in the catalog, or website (itís been a long while so that may have changed). Just as a side note, weíve always preferred and requested that our books be bought directly from us because extra money goes to publish more books, building our new monastery, and supporting monks. Ironically, even though the book is a best seller in its genre, we have not been paid by our distributor since July of 1999, and as of now (2/2001), they declared bankruptcy. Thus we can only finance the book through direct sales, monks having jobs, and donations. Because of this, we have had to make financial payment arrangements with the printers because we are in arrears (because the distributor owes us many 10ís of thousands of dollars). Fortunately God can do some amazing things to help keep the work going, and the word getting out, even though the "other side" fights Godís will, and keeps throwing monkey wrenches into the destiny of getting these teachings to the public. But it is shocking to have some of these "monkey wrenches" come from within the ARE.

Then of course, the next jab from the ARE was that finally, years after our bookís initial release, the editor of your magazine consigned someone outside your organization, to write a "review" (if you could call it that). A "review" that essentially would have the effect of discouraging members from even attempting to read it. Itís not just my opinion, nor those of our order. We hear it from the actual membership body of the ARE, who have managed to find and read the book anyway. Many of your own members not only gave us personal rave reviews, but claim that this IS the material and messenger Cayce predicted. Again, thatís not my opinion, itís theirs. I donít care if we are "fulfilling Cayce prophecy" or not. I do care about needless suffering, humankind, the importance of the teachings, the timeliness of the teachings, and that it fulfills our own prophecy, which is based on the will of the the Universal Spirit, (God). The message is what is important, not the messenger. Ask yourself, why are so many ARE members whoíve read this book, in such opposition with AREís governing body, and its magazine "voice"?

I have been told that there has NEVER been a negative book review like this in Venture Inward. We were told that the editor even said that if they donít feel a book is good and worth recommending, they donít even bother reviewing it. Yet our book got an essentially negative "review". How ironic for a book that so many ARE members are so thrilled with, that some have even formed study groups around it, along with their Cayce study groups (they feel it enhances and clarifies their Cayce studies and takes them to the next step). Actually, the "review" isnít even a book review at all by normal editorial, literary, or publishing standards (which is why I put quotes around the word "review"). The "review" is more like a slightly mad obsessed schoolteacherís ramblings about irrelevant technicalities of a studentís essay Ė and not really because he doesnít like the writing, but because he doesnít like the student. In fact, as I said earlier, that was essentially used by the editor of the magazine, as an excuse for the bad "review". I doubt if that would fly with any other magazine. And if he recognized an obsessed schoolteacher who had lost track of the purpose of the review, why not stop it, change it? What is the purpose, function, and duty of ANY editor, let alone one who is in charge of the AREís spiritual voice to its members? I cannot understand or accept that as professional, let alone as truth. Nor that it was an "accident" that slipped by somehow. In any case, I am not the "reviewerís" or "editorís" student in a writing class, I am a spiritual teacher and author of a book whoís sole purpose was to present our ancient spiritual teachings. I am also not a book editor. The book is not an essay in someoneís class, and Venture Inward (the AREís magazine), is not a "Writerís guide" or writerís study journal Ė it is supposed to be a magazine presenting and reviewing topics of spirituality, which is what our book is all about. But secondly, and most importantly, the "review" is so negative, and "so NOT a review", yet so well crafted and well written, that any objective reader must also conclude it was not an accident, nor just a "schoolteacher with obsessive/compulsive grammar issues" Ė but a deliberate sabotage. And if it is claimed that it was just accidental, or poorly written, why did a professional editor let such irrelevant drivel be published in his magazine (if it were not deliberate)? And whether or not it is true that the ARE has no control over this editor or magazine, the fact is, this magazine DOES represent the ARE to thousands who assume it IS the voice of the ARE. So I am to assume you allow either an unprofessional editor, or a servant of darkness, be in unsupervised total control of the magazine`` that represents the ARE to its members? Something is very wrong here. And we will do everything we can to eventually reach every ARE member, and let them decide for themselves if the teachings are good or bad, and how significant or insignificant they are. If the response weíve had so far is any indication, the light will win out in this case, and Godís message will reach those who want it, no matter who tries to prevent it.


I have sent letters such as this one to everyone I could find in power at the ARE headquarters, and have received no response. That, and the factors listed below, left us no choice but to form the opinion that the ARE (as a whole organization, as presently controlled by the present leadership) has taken a deliberately negative, possibly hostile stance towards me, our order, our teachings, and our cause. To briefly cite what I consider the proof: 1) Refusal by the editor of the AREís magazine, to publish a positive review (written by an ARE employee) of the book when it was first released (the time when most reviews are done), followed by a negative "review" attack on me and the book (thus undermining the teachings) years later; 2) Lack of reparations or apologies for it, (even though it was brought to the attention of many at the ARE, including the editor); 3) "Problems" with appropriately offering the book through all ARE resources, even though members requested it, even though according to Cayce himself (and many members), it should be the most significant non-Cayce book in your catalog; 4) Refusal to sell us your mailing list to promote the book (something which is normally sold); 5) After finding land for building our new monastery, the seller rescinded on the deal after allegedly "speaking to someone in the Cayce family that they knew personally". It breaks our hearts to think that those we should be able to consider kin, such as the ARE, have behaved with totally unwarranted disregard or even avarice towards us. But it seems we obviously have no choice but to realize the painful likelihood and keep in mind that the ARE is "hostile", and while not intending to cause harm to the ARE in any way, inform all those we deal with, of the AREís actions and attitude towards us. We do so only in hopes of creating public reaction pressure that will bringing about a positive change for the ARE and its members.

As with many of the teachers and prophets throughout history, sometimes God calls us to sternly chastise those who have strayed from following Godís will. Again, for those of you who are not a part of travesties against truth, God, and enlightenment, this letter was not meant to chastise YOU in any way for such things. But I do hope it will rally your efforts to divest yourselves of any negative influences in the organization, and create a more positive one. From what I know of Cayce, and his intentions, the ARE should serve only the will of God, not the selfish desires or fears of men. We applaud and encourage your efforts to continue your work supporting and promoting the Cayce readings Ė they are a great source of spiritual truth and inspiration. But I do hope this letter will open your eyes to those whose goals are ego & power based, and self-serving rather than serving Godís will. I hope you will listen to your inner-voice, keep the ARE pure, please the founder/creator of the ARE, Edgar Cayce, and please Edgar Cayceís "creator", the Universal Spirit.


Jon Peniel







First, the "name" and our book review. The "reviewer" obviously knew about the Peniel prophecy, or was told about it, and wanted to manipulate the reader into doubting the authorís name and story. Yet he couldnít directly do that without bringing up the entire issue the ARE has with the "Peniel" name, and the Cayce prophecy. Because if he did so, it could actually make the readers of the review more interested in reading the book. Bringing all that up directly would defeat the purpose of suppressing the book. He also canít directly attack me, my "name", or the story, because there is nothing there to attack. So doubt and a sort of slander must be created out of nothing, or irrelevant details Ė all because of your obsessive fear of J. Peniel.

As mentioned earlier, it reminds me of what the reaction by many churches and church leaders would be to the second coming of Jesus and his unadulterated teachings. Wouldnít it particularly threaten church power bases, control, and church leaders? There could be some who would welcome it, but you know the "holy" stature and ego of many would see the real Jesus as big threat, and even go as far as "get rid of Him" if he dared to proclaim Himself. Please be assured, Iím not comparing myself to Jesus by any means, Iím just using it to help make the point of why some at the ARE are afraid of what the effects of Peniel and his message might be on their self-centered little world? Yes, self-centered. You have become like a big group "self", with a big ego, and have lost the universality of spirituality that your founder expressed in his readings. Now itís only ARE, ARE, ARE, rather than God, God, God. You, as all who claim spiritual purpose, should recognize and be open to any path, any teaching, any organization that helps people reach God and are also open to any other path (as long as the path is harmless of course).

I have never claimed to be the Peniel mentioned in the Cayce readings. Besides fighting for the book to be published anonymously, I still wish to live and work in anonymity, peace, and solitude (which I was criticized for in the "review"). We are not a public spiritual order by any means. For thousands of years we have worked behind the scenes and anonymously, unless situations required it to be otherwise. Yes, sometimes our teachers became famous, but they had no other choice because of Godís plan for them. Anyway, as I said we tried to publish anonymously, ironically starting with an anonymous submission to the ARE press. No mention of "the Peniel name" was made, and in fact, we insisted that if they chose to publish, the author would remain anonymous. It was rejected. When we found a publisherís rep organization who would carry it, we were told they thought it would be a best seller, but that major bookstore chains and distributors wouldnít carry the book if didnít use the authorís name Ė and thus they would refuse to handle the book. Since they thought it would be a best seller, and thus very profitable for them, we thought we had a strong bargaining chip to press for anonymity. We threatened to not release the book if they wouldnít let us do it anonymously, in hopes that they would acquiesce. But they stood their ground, and ultimately we had no choice if the teachings were to ever get out. And that was after all, more important than anonymity. After this whole name thing became an issue, we asked for, and received a letter from the publisherís rep company which verifies everything I just said, to also help prove that I wanted it to be anonymous. Obviously, that is necessary for people like you who want to attack and suppress anything with the name Peniel attached to it. As far as the "reviewersí" snide jab about why I didnít use a pseudonym, I wasnít originally trying to "hide" my name with a pseudonym (I had no idea there was an issue around the name or Cayce predictions about it), but rather, I was trying to publish anonymously. Publishing anonymously is very different from using an authorís name, OR a pseudonym (which people believe is the authorís name). In either case, the reader assumes the name to be that of a person claiming credit for the book. A book that is published anonymously, says to the reader that the information in the book does not have any contamination from an author wanting fame or notoriety, and is thus a bit more likely to be pure truth. And since I want to be left alone, was not looking for fame, a following, recognition, or anything of the like, I had hoped to add the extra impact of the book coming from an anonymous author. My sole goal was of getting the teachings out to as many as possible, and hoping they would have as great a spiritual impact as possible. And that "anonymously authored book factor" would have given the TEACHINGS greater impact.

Once the "anonymous" issue was clearly "dead", there was no point in using a pseudonym, since we werenít trying to conceal my name, and we werenít aware of the Cayce Peniel reading. At any rate, it would make no sense for us to fight to publish the book anonymously, if we were trying to "use" "the name", or make any claims, would it? Well, would it? Donít you feel any shame? Why arenít you looking for J. Peniel? If you are just leery of "fake" Peniels, then why are you attempting to suppress such things as our book of helpful teachings, without even asking a question of us first regarding the name issue. And after I told you I laid no claims to the Cayce Peniel prophecy, and we have proof of trying to publish anonymously, why didnít you see that as a possible sign that maybe here is the "real" Peniel, and ask for our proof of attempting to publish anonymously? Because you donít ever want a real Peniel to exist.

While I had read some Cayce books in my youth, Iíd never seen the Peniel prediction. We had never even heard of the whole Peniel issue until weeks after the book was published (when we started to hear from what would eventually be hundreds of ARE members). Most of them said that after reading the book, they decided I was "the" Peniel predicted by Cayce, and that the material in the book is what they had been waiting for. I didnít claim it in any way. But by now, in retrospect, and after re-reading the Cayce Peniel reading, I now think it could be possible that I am the one he predicted, and God prevented us from being able to publish anonymously for just that reason. In fact, part of the Cayce readings say that others shall come and declare that J. Peniel is giving to the world the new order of things. That has happened, and still is. We get that from ARE members. We are even getting that from readers in Israel. But still, I canít say that I am, and still donít lay claim to it. It really doesnít matter if I am or not, and I donít personally care who believes it or not, yet if it helps get the teachings out, more power to it. And maybe thatís the only reason why it happened. It has caused great problems and inconvenience for me however, that wouldnít have occurred had the book been anonymously published. Including death threats, being pursued by people wanting to meet me, being invited to events, to appear on TV, radio, etc. Ė most of which my recluse/hermitage nature abhors. But I live to serve the One, regardless of the cost to me personally. And as things have turned out, I suppose I should make maximum use of "the name" if it will further Godís plan, and help others.

After the first publication of the Lost Teachings, when we found out about the Cayce "Peniel" reading (because people started writing and email us about it), I knew problems, like your "review" and its accusations, would arise. So we felt it was necessary to explain in the book itself, why I was using my name on the book, rather than publishing anonymously. We were able to do so by the third edition. Your "reviewer" even used that against us. Even though the book clearly and logically explains the anonymity/publishing issues, the "reviewer" still chooses to attack this irrelevant issue as a major part of a "book review", rather than reviewing the book.

Another factor to consider as evidence that I was not deliberately trying to "use" "the name", is that this book was written for the purposes of reaching a mass audience, not ARE "insiders" or extremely well-studied Cayce readers who have the Peniel name on the tips of their tongue. Those who know about the Cayce Peniel reading are few in comparison to the large market for this book. Both the market of ARE members who arenít aware of the name, but the far greater spiritual book market. As the publisherís rep company expected, it became a best seller, with a tiny percentage of those sales being ARE members. Even though the bookís sales and marketing were severely hindered since July í99 (because of the publisherís reps financial troubles), weíve heard that some people and stores now sell it above the retail price because of shortages and demand. I mention that, not to "toot our horn" but as more evidence that "the name", nor the ARE would be worth creating and using "the name". The book did extremely well even though: 1) the ARE didnít carry it; 2) The ARE gave it no attention or promotion at all; 3) The AREís magazine published a negative "pseudo-review"; 4) The vast majority of the bookís readers have no clue that there is any special issue regarding the authorís name; 5) The vast majority of sales are to non-ARE members, who find the truth and clarity of the teachings important, and helpful anyway. 6) The ARE wouldnít sell us their mailing list to reach ARE members about the book. Also, those of our readers who are ARE members who do know of the Peniel reading, just found it in various bookstores like the rest of the general public (unless another member recommended it to them). And since "the name" is not on the cover, some didnít even know the authorís name when they bought it. By the way, besides the design issues, not putting the authorís name on the cover was a "compromise" we made to publishing completely anonymously (at least it wasnít on the front cover). Yet your "reviewer" criticized us for that too. In any case, whether or not ARE members knew of or were "impressed" by the authorís name, it was the content of the book that sold them on it, and the teachings. It is the same for the majority of readers. Those who are open minded and searching for the truth, and the answers, get an intuitive feeling when they read the book, and the teachings themselves. Whether they are ARE members or not, "Peniel" aware or not, such seekers recognize the great significance of the teachings, and recommend it to others. Such is not so different from the intuitive feeling that I talked about getting when I read Cayceís "Story of Jesus" as a teenager who was searching for spiritual truth Ė you just know youíve found spiritual truth. Everyone of open-mind and heart who is truly seeking truth, feels the same about The Lost Teachings of Atlantis. Why? Because itís "the real thing" - highly profound spiritual truths and answers, put in an easy to understand manner. Such messages from God can be hindered and slowed down, but cannot be stopped (even though your magazine and other actions attempt to do so Ė against Godís will I might add). What would you call those who try to stop such messages of true spiritual inspiration and guidance? Wise men? Great leaders of spiritual organizations? Do you think you are "higher" or wiser than your members? What arrogance. This is serious, because the magazine attempts to deprive your members of their free will by attempting to prevent them from reading the teachings and deciding for themselves. Your founder (Cayce) hammered the importance of free will over and over again in his readings. The only thing we care about, is the spiritual welfare of others. And as part of that, everyone, including your members, should be able to have access to the teachings, and make their own decisions about the worth and import of the teachings Ė not be essentially told what to think (through being manipulated by a negative "review" with an agenda). Nor should any other means be used to keep people from the book.

I have since become aware of those in the past who did falsely claim to be the John Peniel of the readings. But ask yourself, did they do everything they could to avoid claiming it, including attempting to remain totally anonymous? Or did they come right out and claim to be "the" John Peniel? Did they want to be left alone in anonymity and solitude, or did they want to be publicly admired, toasted, and acclaimed. We didnít even want the name used.

We are already into our 4th printing in 2 years Ė the vast majority of readers are non ARE members, and definitely unaware of the reading. Those who "know" about the Peniel name and bought the book because of it, could only be so few that they make virtually no impact on sales of the book. While you do have a good number of members, compared to the total market of our book buyers, they only amount to a drop in the vast sea. So why does someone feel the need to print a "loaded" "review" in order to suppress sales of the book to members? It only deprives your members of a chance to read the teachings and perhaps better their lives, and the world. We believe that doing anything to harm a soulís chances for spiritual advancement is the worst crime that could ever be committed. We, and many of your members, see this as the case regarding the "review". Thus, I must speak out on this issue, and intensely express my indignation about it.

You may not agree that the bookís message and the teachings are significantly important for people at this time. You may question why the authorís name is Jon Peniel. But in any case, the book is good, very helpful spiritual material Ė so why do things to suppress it? Anyone who is truly a seeker of spiritual truth, and of God, who reads the teachings (without prejudice regarding this ridiculous "name issue"), finds it to be a veritable spiritual treasure. You canít imagine how many people we hear from that say virtually the same thing over and over again - "Finally, this is it. These are all the answers Iíve been searching for, for so long. I never need to read another spiritual book again. Thank you so much." We hear this from both ARE members, and those who are not. I ask you then, what kind of people would want to influence others to not read these teachings? But I suppose such comments and un-promoted sales do lend to your paranoia about losing your flock.

The ARE shouldnít be threatened by the revelation of the teachings. Many of the things the Cayce readings profess are the same as the teachings, but are often difficult to understand for many people, mostly due to the nature and difficulties involved with accessing and communicating the information while in trance. The teachings clarify the very same things that are presented in the readings, and every ARE member weíve heard from say it has just enhanced their experience and understandings of the readings. But just as the Cayce reading about Peniel says he would be delared as giving to the world the new spiritual order of things (information that would show the next spiritual step for humankind), the teachings take the spiritual admonitions found in the Cayce readings to the next step. Besides further defining and clarifying so many things, it gives a step-by-step blueprint for how everyone can change their life, return to Oneness with God, and live as an instrument of Godís will. And underlying it all is developing and using unselfish Love. We state that categorically as the most important thing, regardless of what else is believed or not believed about the teachings, Atlantis, Egypt, monasteries, me, or whatever. This was the same message repeated by Edgar Cayce, over and over again. Selflessness. Is the ARE leadership acting selflessly at this time?

One final thing Iíd like to mention relating to this "name" obsession. We were in search of an isolated place in the Rocky Mountains of the US to reconstruct our central monastery. We found something suitable, but the woman who was going to sell it to us, suddenly changed her mind, refusing to sell, because she said she personally knew the Cayce family, had just spoken with them, and they essentially "warned" her about me because of the name issue. It may not be true of course, but there is every reason to believe it is, and there was no other reason for her to change her mind. But, no hard feelings. God led us to someplace else. And the Universal law of cause and effect takes care of all things in its own way and time.

Our order sincerely wishes you all the best in your continued promoting of the Cayce material,